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We provide both live and on-demand streaming services. It is possible to setup your live streaming within 30 mins. We have different bit rates; such as 24kbps, 36kbps, 48kbps, up to 192kbps. Contact us today for a quotation.

What is live streaming server?
A live Streaming server is a way for you to put on a live show, to mix your music, add your voice, throw in sound FX and be the ultimate DJ right from your own PC.

On-Demand Servers allow you to upload your music play list for your listeners to connect to and listen, this does not allow on the fly mixing but it does allow you to shut your computer off at night and let us here at Spacial Net keep your streaming service up and running.

SHOUTcast Streaming Differences

Supports MP3 and aacPlus streaming

Allows for NSV (Nullsoft Video) streaming
Can be played on Windows, Mac and Linux through programs like WinAmp, Quicktime, iTunes, XMMS, Real Player, Windows Media Player
Lists your station automatically on's Station Listings

Windows Media Streaming Differences

Supports only the WMS (Windows Media Server) format
Sounds better at lower bitrates (64kbps and lower)
Can be played only on Windows Media Player; however, Windows Media Player can be downloaded for the Mac.
Allows for WMV (Windows Media Video) streaming

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